Sunday, May 15, 2011

Square Enix Facing Big Losses For 2010

Final Fantasy Series is a big hit since they launched Final Fantasy VII and made impact up to Final Fantasy X-2. But when they decided to launch it as MMORPG, a large number of fans was dismayed. Imagine, you followed the series on different consoles (PS, PS2, even PC for the earlier versions (FF - FFVI)).But now, you need a credit card, buy CDKs and TCs just to play the game. It will definitely put a hole in your pocket thus playing the game makes it less fun. Now you have to play it as many times as possible so you can get your money's worth. If you have the fund for it, go ahead but it's not much fun as before.

FFXI was released as an mmorpg and it was a hit. A large number of players played it and loved it.The Battle system are still the same, everything runs smoothly. After the release of FFXII and FFXIII, which are not an mmorpg, they released another mmorpg FFXIV hoping it will be a hit like FFXI but they were wrong. After a couple of months after release, it's slow losing ground.One aspect is, you need to upgrade your PC so you can play the game.It needs higher memory and video card. Not all people can afford upgrading their pc with just a blink of an eye.And if your a fan, you'll ask yourself, Do I need another FF mmorpg? if so, another cdk and tc is needed.Can I afford playing 2 diff mmorpg at the same time?

Another drawback was the Intensity 9 earthquake that hit Japan.Both game's servers are based in Japan and because of the power failure all over the country, they need to shut down their operation which lasted a month or so.Though gamers understands what happened, the company is losing money.

When they finally came online again, gamers has already chose another game.FFXI reduced servers and FFXIV is losing customers.

I guess they should just stick with RPG which they are worldly renowned.